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Finding ways to enjoy the hell out of life, while on our journey towards a healthy, authentic and passion-filled life.

Hello world!

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Hello World!

What a great default title to my first blog! Hello! : )

I am no one extraordinarily special (though, on occasion I do feel ‘special,’ which is a feeling I hope everyone can share). I am not an expert on anything really. I do nothing perfectly, except for make mistakes on a regular basis.

But what I have been doing, slowly and surely, is living in a more sustainable way (sustainable that is for me, my health, my well-being, and my sanity) that has me feeling better and more alive. It has me wanting to share this with everyone, and wanting to lose this to no one (and nothing).

I want to share this so that I don’t lose it, I must share this so that I don’t lose it. It’s intangible, this feeling and way of life. It can’t be captured, canned, bought, or saved for later use. But it can be enjoyed now (and forever if you keep a hold on it), spread to others, and used as a cure-all for most of our ailments.

Life is not without its difficulties, so many possibilities in terms of that word. Difficulty. When one is over, often a new one begins. I find irony in the fact that during the exact moments that I have finally decided to breath in the air around me and treat myself well, I also have discovered a physical ailment that is testing everything. I have a 20 cm Tumor in my hip. It is a daily struggle as far as the physical pain I am going through, and the difficulties involved in entering the medical world of biopsies, diagnosis, treatment plans, etc.

I do not want to shift focus away from my intentions here though. My focus is on all that is good, living life. My point is that regardless of anything else, we have right now to enjoy ourselves, and health and self-love are the keys to this. I, with my current difficulty, do find myself wandering away from time to time…but never for long.


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