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Easy Vegan, Clean, Eats. (Tortilla is the new bread!)


My latest venture, in healthy, delicious, vegan, clean eating. Things in tortillas! If you thought burritos or quesadillas were out of the question, think again! Make sure your tortillas have 5 ingredients or less, have no added sugar, and are made of whole wheat, oat or sprouts.


Black beans blended for a moment and spread on, with sliced avocado, and diced tomato, red bell pepper, and onions.


Spinach artichoke hummus spread on, with sliced cucumber, carrot, onion, tomato, and orange bell pepper.


All natural (literally, peanut is the only ingredient) peanut butter spread on, with sliced bananas. Spread on only half of the tortilla in order to….

…. quesadilla it!


And then whatever it is, wrap it up in tinfoil and enjoy while walking your dog. (Or whatever else it is you like to do). Then when you’re done, clean your kitchen floor for heavens sake ; ).



2 thoughts on “Easy Vegan, Clean, Eats. (Tortilla is the new bread!)

  1. Do you normally eat these wraps for lunch or do you make vegan breakfast wraps as well?

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