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Serenity — and Desert!


My Blogs title is Clean (eating) and Serene. Serenity has been in/out the past several months. But I have finally realized that whatever Serenity is, in the big picture it is a choice. Each week, day, and moment. It is a choice.

Choosing to release anger and frustration the moment it hits you (and it will hit you, but it doesn’t have to knock you down). Choosing to understand what in your life that you do have control over (even big things, where you live, where you work, what you do on a daily basis), and what you do not (other people, the weather).

Even health (of course, always to an extent), is our choice. I can choose to drink shots, to eat Jack in the box, to never move a muscle. But I now know these truly are my choices. And when I slow my roll, and allow myself to make decisions (instead of letting that voice inside my head talk me into or out of it, or otherwise making me feel guilty), I can see what I truly want. And it is health, I think it always has been.

Anyway, these days, I am trying to be compassionate to myself. Allowing myself to make choices. Not beating myself up over them. Not being afraid of making them. Just making choices.

Also, I have been playing around with baked fruits!! So yummy and healthy. Reminds me of the ‘Champagne diet’? I’ve tried apples and pears so far, peaches with blueberries are next! These pears were sliced and topped with cinnamon, then baked, then topped with a Tuscan cinnamon cheese. The apple was peeled, covered in cinnamon, and simply microwaved (2 min 30 sec)!



3 thoughts on “Serenity — and Desert!

  1. Thank you for browsing through my blog! Always nice to see new faces and interact with others who have the same common interests. You are doing awesome, keep it up! 🙂

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