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Ready for you Love

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Ready for you love

I’m ready to meet you again, love. To put my heart out there for you to hold on to.

It’s been a long time. A lot has changed. I’ll wait for YOU because no one else will do.

You are handsome (in my eyes, which is all that matters babe). You are tall and confident, which makes me feel safe. You can fix my flat tires, and put together my ikea furniture.

You are intense in your relationships, but rather care free in your day to day living. I can tell you want the same thing as I do. And so love we shall have.

You value moving forward, dreaming, progress, and health. You like being outdoors, and in water, and camping.

You have a full life right now babe, even without me. But, like me, you are ready to share our lives. For a chapter or maybe even an entire book. We’ll have to talk to the author about that.

Anyway, I’m finally ready for you babe. I’ll see you soon.


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