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Chaotic Stability

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For about as long as I can remember, my mantra in life has been ‘expect divine chaos.’ Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that this is exactly what I have gotten. Chaos. One of my new favorite inspirational authors/leaders is Gabrielle B and hers is ‘expect miracles’. I want to let go of my mantra and adapt hers but something isn’t allowing me to. Something just sounds so cosmic and beautiful to me about divine chaos. About the chaos in our lives and its role in the bigger picture? But a part of me is now asking, do we actually need the chaos? Can we just have the divine? Can we just expect miracles?

This brings me to my blog title, chaotic stability. I am not as enchanted with this word combination. But it is just on my mind today. It’s hard to see sometimes when we are so wrapped up in something (positively or negatively), but chaotically living is not the answer. The answer is balance, between throwing all caution to the wind and meticulously living for the future. The answer is allowing yourself to have one day (or maybe more, depending) of ‘poor me, this cold is awful, how will I ever live’ but not riding out the whole cold that way. The answer is allowing yourself that junk food treat you’ve been craving, but not tossing out all your ideals about what a healthy diet entails while doing so. The answer is living in a way so as to enjoy yourself right now, right here, at this moment, but in a way that is also supportive to your overall visions of the future.

Anyway… just some thoughts.


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