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Focus … and Results

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Soooo…. you may be wondering what this picture (clearly made online or something, but looking like a toddler created it) is all about?

Well, I wanted to try a little experiment. I’ve been all about positive thinking, the ‘law of attraction,’ and just in general the belief that you can have whatever it is you desire. Believe it… in order to achieve it.

Also, for those non-believers. If nothing else, COME ON, if all your focus is on one thing then eventually that thing will come your way. You can’t fail as long as you are still trying, still aligning yourself within the right places/situations where you are likely (or even just possibly) to get what you’re seeking. And if you are believer, well then you know that you simply put your message out into the universe, and the universe will align for you!

I made this little picture on my I-Phone and posted it as my wallpaper, so I saw it (and thought about it) all the time. I also allowed myself to believe that I had these things coming any moment now.

The day after I posted this, I got a Christmas giftcard to Target from my boss. Went to target that night to get toothpaste and figured I’d check out the boots they had, just for kicks. Now the thing with the boots are that, I was low on funds lately and hadn’t really had the money to buy them…. AND my calves are a little bigger than I’d like (I’m working on that you know!) and even when I had seen boots I liked within the previous few weeks, they did not fit! Well, right there, at target with my giftcard I found the pair of boots I am now wearing almost daily! They fit perfectly, almost exactly the style I wanted, and with my giftcard only costed me $10.

A week later, I decided to pull out my laptop and give it one more try. It hadn’t turned on in weeks, though I also hadn’t tried again as I had truly given up on it. I had tried taking the battery out… plugging it in for a while… giving it a few days of rest… no luck. Well, as I said, I decided to give it one more go before I sent it off to a friend to pull off the documents off of it. It turned on and has been working ever since!!!!

And, finally, over this weekend my soon to be roommates and I finalized our application for a new house! When I originally made this wishlist… I really didn’t know when I would be moving or where or if. Anyway, we move Febuary 1st.

I don’t know about you, but 5 weeks for this little wishlist. Amazing : ).

Time to plan for what’s next. Let’s aim bigger this time : ).


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