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Yoga to make her smile.

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Yoga to make her smile (sung to the tune of banz to make her dance).

I was a bit grumpy all day, don’t know why. No patience for anything. Everyone and everything was just a tad bit irritating. Not to mention I was damn near exhausted (well I guess you would be after being so grumpy all day).

I had planned to go to yoga after work. Well I got in the car and thought, yoga or home for a nice long nap. Nap, I decided. I started driving towards the freeway anyway. Half way to the next city over, I thought about yoga or pulling off at the closest exit and going home for a nice long nap. Nap, I decided. But I just kept driving straight forward. Finally, I parked at the gym and turned my car off. I stopped for a moment and thought, one last time, about yoga or turning the car back on and driving back home for a nice long nap. Nap, I decided. But I got my ass out of the car and walked into yoga class.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh (as in ‘how relaxing,’ not ‘shit there’s a spider!). I left class with a smile on my face, I believe the first smile that day ; ). Well a smile and an open mind and heart.

I’m learning to live like this all the time (with the smile). And yes, right now, there are moments when I am and moments when Im not. There are moments where I feel so on top of my world and everything is going my way, and there are moments where I’m awkwardly uncomfortable and really unsure of things.

Anyway, what I know for certainty is that it’s all worth it, the moment I let go and smile (however long or short it takes me to do so). Even if takes me ignoring myself at times in order to do what I truly wanted to in the first place.


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