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Healthy Recipes Worth Sharing

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Hi all! I’ve had more than a couple friends or family members ask about healthy meal ideas. I will be posting more of my own recipes soon. But before I got to the point where I could just ‘wing it’ without a recipe and make a ground beef stew my boyfriend was willing to stuff himself on like I did last night, or a smoothie that is yummy enough to drink daily… I used these recipes! Well, of course, I still do. But I Just wanted to pass them all on to you guys as well! These are all simple and very healthy!



Pan-Roasted Chicken with Mushrooms and Rosemary Recipe : Tyler Florence : Recipes : Food Network

I paired this mushroom, onion, rosemary chicken with salad made of romaine lettuce topped with sliced strawberries and pomegranate seeds with a quick dressing made of blended apple, strawberry, pomegranate seeds and fresh apple juice.




Skinny Chicken Enchiladas | Skinnytaste

Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Scratch! — Oh She Glows

I surprised my sweetie with champagne and candles (and some flowers for myself) for a romantic night in. I topped the enchiladas wih organic sour cream. And the strawberries speak for themselves, which have a nutty chocolate sort of taste… not your traditional chocolate covered strawberries, however they are actually Vegan and much healthier than those would be.


All-Natural Pumpkin Butter From Scratch + Many Ways To Use It! — Oh She Glows

I have used this pumpkin butter on pancakes, on half a whole wheat bagel while my boyfriend made cinnamon rolls in a can (yes, gasp, I read him the ingredient list and he still insisted on that for himself), or on a large multi-grain cracker as a yummy snack. First you will have to roast your own pumpkin though! I will post more on this later, but basically cut around and pry off the stem, cut pumpkin in half and scoop out all the guts and seeds as you normally would to carve. Lay parchment paper on a cookie sheet and set the pumpkin halves face down. Set oven to 375, and place pumpkin halves in for an hour. If your fork goes into the pumpkin easily you are done, if not cook for a bit longer. Then peel off the skin and throw the pumpkin flesh into a blender or food processor and puree.


Gingerbread Pancakes | My Whole Food Life

I used pumpkin puree (as made right above) instead of the applesauce, and white whole wheat instead of the spelt flour. Also, one time (for a friend that doesn’t especially enjoy the flavor like I do) I used maple syrup instead of molasses. I use these in our waffle maker. You can use grass fed butter or ghee instead of coconut oil if you prefer.


Homemade Sriracha Sauce – Foodie Crush

I will admit I could not find thai chiles, so I used half serrano and half jalepeno. It was quite spicy, I don’t know that I would say it tasted like sriracha (although I wouldn’t think so since I didn’t use the right peppers) but it is still a great hot sauce! I have used this on my eggs in the morning, on tacos, and on stir frys. Yum! You can play around with different peppers depending on what level of heat you prefer! Also I used coconut palm sugar instead of regular sugar.


Remember, we all have different constraints. Do the best you can with what you have and what you know, if you do that you will continue to grow!


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