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Wandering (but far from lost).

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Eat Clean. Train Mean. Get Serene. Live your Dream.

What I’m thinking about right now in terms of my daily goals, as I am in my ‘wander’ state of mind at the moment. I started calling this state of mind my ‘wander’ state because I think it best describes what I feel like. That I’m wandering around. Some may have negative feelings that come to mind with the word wander. But, for me, it is when I am free. When I am curious. When I am not hurriedly trying to get to my destination (though I may indeed have a destination). I can feel this way whether at work or play (though sure, of course I prefer play), whether it’s night or day. Anyway, I’m just here (wherever I am), going there (wherever there is right now), without a care.

Ok lame rhymes aside, it took me a lot of ‘self’work’ to not only realize I had this ‘wander’ state, but to appreciate it, and come to the understanding that THIS right here is the whole point. To live life in such a way that everything is connected. I may go from work to the gym to the kitchen at home to cook, to the bed to sleep. But It’s me the whole time wandering from one place to the next to the next, and it’s all good! And it can all be done from a happy, comfortable, curious place. It is, perhaps, the ‘grind,’ but it doesn’t have to feel that way. Now, when I get to be in my wander state when I am actually out wandering, say on vacation in Hawaii or Vegas or even just in Sunny San Diego Boogie Boarding or walking the beaches … well of  course that is really the best feeling (though being on vacation certainly doesn’t guarantee I will actually be in my wander state, as it truly is a state of mind and not a location in and of itself).

Happy Wandering! May you all find your wander state and own it as well today!


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