Get Real!

Finding ways to enjoy the hell out of life, while on our journey towards a healthy, authentic and passion-filled life.

About ‘Get Real’


My name is Angela. I’m 26 years old, a Sonoma State University grad (having majored in Human Development). For the past few years I have been on my own journey towards healthy living. Healthy living in all aspects including health, nutrition, fitness level, emotional well being, and in general feeling fulfilled and passionate about life. It isn’t always easy to strive for such a passionate way of living. I still work on this daily, and fall into ruts at times (whether due to neglecting my own self-care needs, or due to a major life event that took time to sift through).

One of the catalysts for me in starting my path to wellness was when I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive (though technically and luckily speaking, benign) tumor. Due to excess body fat, doctors misdiagnosed this tumor for a couple years blaming the pain in my hip on the extra weight that my body was carrying around. Because of this, my tumor grew and grew while I slowly lost about 80 pounds. As you can imagine, this tumor was now quite obvious (as it was nearly the size of a football). After trying medications thought to promote shrinkage in the tumor, I eventually had surgery less than one year ago where my tumor and my entire gluteus maximus was removed.

Throughout all of this, and lifes other happenings, I have learned to appreciate life. Appreciate my body and what it can do and what it cannot do. Appreciate what the food that I put into my body does, for better or for worse. Appreciate where I am on my path to health, and appreciate the vision that I hold for my future. Appreciate that others are going through their own journey and could be on any stepping stone in the path from being stuck on the very first stone all the way to running their first marathon.

I am not any better or worse than anyone else, I am just on my path and it ‘lights’ me up to be able to help others out on their path. It is really when I feel most alive. Most passionate. It used to be that I was quite judgmental (not only about others, but myself as well!). I am learning to let go and love others (and myself) where they are at. Right where they are at. My motto right now is:

We all have different constraints (be them financial, physical, emotional). Do the best you can with what you have and what you know. And if you do that, you will continue to grow.  

I hope you brush off the stone you are standing on right now (or polish it, whichever applies more to you) and keep going forward into the direction that contains your destiny!

Lots of love,

Angela Froschl


One thought on “About ‘Get Real’

  1. Wow!!! Very well said. Very proud of you, I have nothing to do with what you have accomplished, but love you so proud of you just the same. Along with the bumps in the road, good things will come to you in this life. You’re compassion and caring will take you far. Your light keeps getting brighter!!!!! Love your cousin, godmother/auntie!!!!

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