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Finding ways to enjoy the hell out of life, while on our journey towards a healthy, authentic and passion-filled life.

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The fantasy of Tomorrow.


Oh tomorrow.
I love you and I hate you, I cannot decide which.
I love you when you allow me to put things off that are ‘difficult’ for me.
Things such as eating better, exercising more, being more thoughtful with my money, being more dedicated to whatever it is I’m working on/planning/dreaming of for the future.

I mean it’s so harmless. I’m not saying it will never happen. I’m not saying I don’t want it to happen.
I’m just saying I will start becoming the the person I want to be tomorrow.
Well sometimes, it’s not quite tomorrow. Sometimes it’s Monday, or the 1st of the next month, or the 1st of the coming up year. Or sometimes it’s some other arbitrary date or occasion. On my birthday. On our anniversary. After our vacation. When I lose the weight. When we have better jobs. When summer is over.

Suddenly, it isn’t so harmless anymore.
When I’m scarfing down like 1500+ calories for dinner because I am (re)starting my diet tomorrow.
When I’m ignoring the perfectly crafted budget that I had created, spending money that I ‘don’t have.’
When I realize that a particular goal I have isn’t any closer to fruition than it was, say, three years ago.

It isn’t that you mean me any harm tomorrow. I know that.
You just make big promises, and I believe you. I believe you every time.
But as soon as you arrive, you just leave me again. Alone.
Without any food in my refrigerator, when my stomach is growling.
Ten pounds heavier than I was before our agreement.
You leave me discouraged, ashamed and desiring more.
So I make another pact with you, tomorrow things will be better. We promise each other. We mean it this time.

And then you come and go, again.
It’s a vicious cycle, a toxic relationship, insanity really.
Tomorrow, you just aren’t stable enough for me. You are not dependable.
You and I cannot build my empire together. It is just not possible.
I’m sorry it had to end this way, and please don’t come around anymore.
I will always struggle with the love in my heart that I have for you. But you are just no good for me.

I need to get reaquainted with today. We will both be happier, I promise.
And maybe one day, in the future, you and I can be friends again as we actually get excited about what is to come tomorrow rather than wasting today in the belief that we will always have tomorrow to do better.

Peace out!


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A new direction for ‘Get Real (fit and healthy)!’

So. Lots of life changes lately. It’s as that quote I’ve seen around lately states, ‘If you know me based on who I was even just a year ago, then we need to reacquaint ourselves. Because my growth game is strong!’

In order to make this blog something more sustainable for me, in other words to fit my original mission statement for the long haul as my own development keeps occurring, I want to merge my current two blogs and open this ‘new’ blog up even further to include more topics than my original ‘narrow’ focus.

This blog is still (and I promise will always be) about how to ‘enjoy the hell out of our life, while on our journey towards making it healthy, fit and passion-filled.’ However, now it is about so much more. I am adjusting this mission statement to be, ‘how to enjoy the hell out of our life, while on our everlasting journey towards making it healthy, authentic and passion-filled.’

To me, this is still about what we put into or onto our body and how we move our body (whether through food, hygiene products or even our environment such as household cleaners). And my other blog is still totally relevant as well, which is about dealing with chronic health conditions (or any chronic life ‘problems’) in a way that is really authentic to how we want to be living. But now, this ‘new’ blog will also be about some other life ideas I have been working on. Ideas such as having more conscious relationships (with self, friends, family and lovers), as well as minimalism, in as far as it relates to finding the real value in our belongings, relationships, habits and goals. Minimizing what we allow into our lives can help us cherish, respect and enjoy what we do have and actually make us feel more fulfilled with what seems to be much less (less stuff, less people, less on our proverbial plates). Looking into the future, something else I imagine delving into at some point is how all of what we do has an impact on both others lives (individuals, communities and maybe even societies) and the environment (our home).

I’ll be the first to say that at one time I could not have cared any less about my own body (and what I did to it, what I put into it, even who I gave it to – you know, sex -), nor did I care much about anyone elses well being or the planets. I still have a ton of things to work on, as a small example – I rarely ever recycle! I only mention this because, I want to make it clear here and now and forever that I am in no way perfect. I have way more growing to do. And when I grow more. There will still be more to do. Though aiming to reach your full potential is always great to do, it is also important to remember that you can never reach it. For when you reach it, you can see clearly that there is still way further to go! But when you are consistently (no matter how slowly) reaching further and living authentically, you can feel a stillness (some call this being present) that makes you feel completely at peace. No guilt, shame, anxiety, anger, grief, insecurity, hate, resentment or confusion exists here. No tummy upset, heartache, or difficulty breathing. Just peace.

And do I feel as absolutely at peace as I do in this very moment all the time? HAHAHAHHAA GET REAL!!! Of course I do not. No one, no preacher, self-help guru, yogi or anyone else that promotes the messages of growth, faith and love feels this way all the time. It is not about being perfect or feeling perfect inside. It is about how long it takes you to get back to this feeling of peace when you stray (whether you stray due to others behaviors, extenuating circumstances or your own choices/’mistakes’).

Progress (and honesty), not perfection. As you know better, do better. And most of all, through it all, just get and stay REAL!